CCTV Limerick


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, it is called this as unlike television it is not openly transmitted, it's built within a "closed circuit". Today's CCTV System consists of CCTV cameras, CCTV Recorder, a display monitor and of course all these need to be connected together using cabling & accessories.

Choosing a security company to supply and install and manage your CCTV requirement can be an arduous task. At VIP Security, we endeavour to make this as easy as possible. We will happily meet with you, discus your requirement and then make a recommendation base don our expertise and extensive industry knowledge.

We offer CCTV in Limerick and all across Ireland and can meet your specific requirements, if that's from our stock products or by sourcing a product to meet your specific requirements.

CCTV Services

VIP Security will met and discus your requirement. We offer industry leading CCTV solutions. VIP Security are based within the Limerick area and offer both a local and nationwide service.

Our qualified staff members are happy to go through your requirement and offer a solution to fit both your requirements and your budget.


We are licensed with the Private Security Authority (PSA).

These credentials will offer you our client the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a professional and competent company.